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Paoli Triangular Results

Boys varsity

Team scores Northeast Dubois 30, Jasper 40, Paoli 83,

Girls varsity

Team scores Jasper 26, Northeast Dubois 41, Paoli 74

Boys Place/Race Time Girls Place/Race Time
Cameron Betz 27th/Varsity 24:01 Alice Brescher 5th/Varsity 25:50
Nick Brassard 4th/Varsity 19:45 Caitlyn Brick 6th/Varsity 25:58
Matthew Brosmer 28th/Varsity 24:16 Lacey Oeding 1st/Varsity 21:09
Guy Goodness 6th/Varsity 20:27 Kara Brooner 31st/Varsity 30:41
Max Mendel 22nd/Varsity 23:12 Megan Jones DNR DNR
Adam Dills DNR DNR Stephanie Kalb 29th/Varsity 30:21
Nic Johnson 32nd//Varsity 24:48 Brittany Kordes 14th/Varsity 27:01
Logan Kern 31st/Varsity 24:40 Kami Schmitt 30th/Varsity 30:34
Derek Keusch 15th/Varsity 22:04 Kelsey Schwenk DNF DNF
Mark Miller DNR DNR Jordan Sermersheim 16th/Varsity 27:24
Patrick Tobin 12th/Varsity 21:32 Lauren Lilly 15th/Varsity 27:03
Edwin Cortez 23rd/Varsity 23:18 Rachel Mehringer 3rd/Varsity 24:17
Samuel Gadlage 35th/Varsity 25:54 Lindsay Barth 11th/Varsity 26:31
Gibson Goodness 13th/Varsity 21:36 Aubree Block 18th/Varsity 27:38
Brian Jenkins 16th/Varsity 22:15 Ashlyn Greener 24tht/Varsity 28:54
Kory Voelkel 5th/Varsity 20:10 Amber Gudorf DNR DNR
Andy Willis 25th/Varsity 23:40
Wil Disinger 30th/Varsity 24:23
Alex Hawkins 14th/Varsity 21:52
Kyle Merkley DNR DNR
Nick Uebelhor 29th/Varsity 24:20

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